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Fiona is a consulting psychic intuitive & medium ,healer and Lightworker.

She will use her gifts to be of service to you and the community in the following areas and you are invited to e-mail her at healeslight@hotmail.com to book a reading, healing or teaching. Look forward to hearing from you.

Reiki healing:

I experienced this form of healing over 15 years ago. I was suffering at the time with deep emotional distress and was so moved by its efficacy I determined to learn it and pass it onto others. I will teach you too.

Tradition Usui Reiki is the method
 I use although as part of my continuing professional development, I have added Angel Reiki to my practice.        In due course I will add Mastery of Angel Reiki so that I may teach that too.    

Angel guidance:

At the age of 7 I had a traumatic life event in  which I nearly died and resulted in an profound and enduring connection to the Angelic Realm. I am proof that you can overcome child abuse .Truthfully they saved my life and the connection has grown as I have. I will use this connection to give you some answers and guide you, should that be of interest to you.

Ascended Masters:

The Angels have facilitated my channelling the Ascended Masters who are there for us all to access to help in all areas of our lives. The energy they share has to be experienced to be believed!

It has been a truth throughout history that we need to be holistic in our lives and the spiritual path is no different. Although it is very compelling to just focus on the Spiritual side , we are a 4 body system and the mental, emotional and physical parts of us need nourishing and loving too. 


I am inspired to design Mandalas which are another key to connecting with our intuition and assists with our creative side. If you would like me to connect with you and design a personal Mandala which you are invited to then colour in and meditate on, please e-mail me and we can do that.

Higher Self Painting:

New for 2015 is the painted representation of your Higher Self for you to connect with and draw inspiration from. Please contact me via e-mail for these Angelic Realm inspired representation of your Higher Self Vibration

The gallery will be open shortly so we can share the inspiration. 


I love the work that I do and will come and give talks to share the path, the insights and the wisdoms that have been passed to me that I will share. This is an interesting time be doing this work, and all are invited to take part. In fact, it is becoming increasingly important we all take part.

Psychic Medium:

It was not my intention to connect with the dear departed at all, however Spirit have decided otherwise! 

I attended a Spiritualist Church to be with others of similar mind, practicing one evening the art of public speaking ( I thought I would channel the address and Chair for mediums) when suddenly as if a switch had been pushed I could see the dearly departed. As clearly as I can see what is in my room today. I was so shocked I nearly fell off the platform! It is my pleasure and priviledge to provide Evenings of clairvoyance for public meetings, Churchs, centers groups I have been on the circuit for over 10 years .

I am available for private consultation on a 1 to 1 basis . House parties where there is a minimum of 4 & a maximum of 8 I will come to the house. Each reading lasts approx 35 - 40 mins recorded if you like. Skype readings will be available soon (waiting on BT!)


To be a Lightworker involves walking your talk not just talking your talk. It is the Souls path for this lifetime to be of service to the Light to bring forward wisdom, ideas, guidance to help at the powerful time of change for the planet and the people on her.

Anchoring the Higher Vibrations onto the earth for all to benefit. Holding the vision of peace, harmony well-being and love particularly now when there is turbulence both for the people and the earth.

Contact Fiona initially on

healeslight@hotmail.com and we can continue our connection.

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