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Hallo, I'm Fiona Heale and welcome to healings-readings.co.uk. I qualified as a counsellor in 1999 at Bromley College and have continued my professional development since that time.

I am a modern mystic, learning what works and feels real to me and following those paths to personal enlightenment I suppose.. who really knows where it all leads to? Along the way I have learned many healing modalities and my psychic abilities have increased. Hence my offering these services to you. Doesn't do to be a cul-de-sac!

Reiki came next in 2000 . A steep learning curve to a completely different life that is rich rewarding and soul centred. It was after the Reiki awakening my mediumship flourished from Angels to Ascended Masters to loved ones who have passed to Spirit.

 Life has a way of bringing new and exciting things into our paths, if we choose to follow them! 

 The new paradigm has arrived,
resistance only makes the changes more difficult.

Book  by  e-mail. Look forward to hearing from you.

Love and Light

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"Just as birth is a joyful entry into a life full of soul-growing lessons, so death can be a glorious gateway to synthesis and understanding, an advance in evolution. for many, death is the healing that life did not provide. It allows a soul that is stuck or that has completed what it came to accomplish to move on for further development

We are immortal"


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